Fear not Death

"Fear not Death, for it is waiting for us all. The Road we all must travel is leading us there, it is our ultimate destination. We have no choice. We will be in Awe many times in our lifetimes, and we should rejoice when we find it. In the arts, in human compassion, in true love. But we, as mere mortals, can not know true Awe, until we have passed through the realms of Death."

Last piece of 2014, Happy new years to the rest of the world, hope you fufill everything you wish to this year, I hope you get inspired this year, I hope you find love this year, I hope you will love yourself and realise how important you are this year, no one is better than you, let them be more famous who cares, fame means nothing when we are gone.

This is your year, enjoy it, live it, stay awesome